Monday, December 8, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Accolades for Nancy Fischer

I nominate Nancy Fischer for her outstanding black and white image, "Cool Joe":

Cool Joe is one of the most recent of Nancy’s stunning images and a perfect example of what is so special about her unique artistry. What I love about Nancy’s work is that she takes us beyond the obvious into the essence of the object, the person, the building – she enables us to read between the lines that are the play of light and shadow in her sharp and candid images. She captures reflections within reflections in the sunlight that bounces off a store window, a high rise, in the shadows that accent the carved face of an architectural masterpiece. She catches the character of a person in his hooded eyes and crooked smile, in her body language and tilt of head. Nancy catches the spirit of the city she clearly loves so very much and she makes us love it right along with her. Whether it’s in a crystal clear black and white, a powerful abstract, or in a blaze of color on a NYC street, Nancy takes us on a journey of the heart in laughter, sorrow or awe. She is a very gifted writer as well. If her images have changed my thinking about photography as art, her friendship has been a spark of inspiration in my life as well.

by Lianne LeMieux Schneider, Poet

New York City Artist

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